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Monday, December 12, 2011

Deal Rhino - Shozties Corner Digitally Painted Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits - Purchase at

Shotzies Corner Provides Awesome Art From Your Photos!
Pet PortraitsFrom a photo of your pet, provided by you, Shotzies Corner will create a digitally hand painted portrait and send the completed art piece to you in a jpeg format for you to have and keep forever.  You will also be able to take the jpeg file that Shotzies Corner provides and use it to reproduce your photo on canvas, greeting cards, poster boards and more. Shotzies Corner takes special time with each project to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the completed project.

Your photo will be digitally hand painted with the care and affection that you give to your pets and loved ones! Check out Shotzies Corner!

These portraits make amazing gifts! Submit a friends' photo and surprise them with a heart warming holiday gift!

Email or call 864-631-9285 for more information!

This National Deal will benefit Let There Be Mom! Check out the amazing mission of this non-profit organization!

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