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Monday, September 5, 2011

Random Acts of Chocolate - Free Candy From Mars

Here’s a fun freebie coming to you from Mars (Twix, M&Ms, 3 Musketeers, Milky Way and Snickers).  This next week, all of these Facebook pages will be offering up Random Acts of Chocolate! Yum!!  Of course, no word on the exact date or time as of yet, but you might want to go ahead and follow each one on Facebook so that you are ready when this one goes live.
Twix:  “Coming soon: Random Acts of Chocolate! The first 50,000 Mars Chocolate fans to sign up will get a free TWIX® and the opportunity to share a TWIX® with a friend!” 3 Musketeers:  “Looking to brighten someone’s day? Sign up on our Random Acts of Chocolate tab next week and show how thoughtful you are by sharing a 3 MUSKETEERS with a friend. The first 50,000 Mars Chocolate fans are able to participate!”
Snickers: “If you’re a good friend, you’ll jump on this next week: Random Acts of Chocolate! Stay tuned to be one of the first 50,000 fans to receive a free SNICKERS for you and a friend.”
Milky Way:  “We love a good, random act. Especially when it involves chocolate and caramel. The first 50,000 Mars Chocolate fans to sign up through the Random Acts of Chocolate tab (coming soon) will receive a free MILKY WAY and one to share with a friend! Stay tuned!”
M&M’s: Darlings, I know I’m irresistible, but so is giving back. Stay tuned: Random Acts of Chocolate coming next week for your chance to get free chocolate for you and a friend! ♥

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