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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Amazon Prime Free for Students and Moms is offering Amazon Prime to college students for FREE! To qualify, you must have a .edu email address. If you have already paid for an Amazon Prime membership, you will receive a partial refund for joining Amazon Student.
Unless you cancel, when the initial period expires you will, while you remain eligible for an Amazon Student membership, automatically receive full Amazon Prime benefits (except that you may not invite your household members to share your Prime membership) for a reduced rate of $39 per year for a total benefit period (free and discounted) of up to four years.
Also if you are a mom, you can join Amazon Mom for FREE and get free 2 day shipping on ANY purchase.
Amazon Prime gives you free two day shipping on any order (products must be sold by Amazon) and you can upgrade to one day shipping for just $3.99 an item! I have this plan and I love it! It makes ordering on Amazon so easy because you don’t have to order $25 worth of items to get free shipping!

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